Lady Virginia McLaurin


Virginia McLaurin who is 106 was overcome with joy when she meant President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House.  Virginia McLaurin was so happy that she began to dance and expressed how much it is an honor to visit the White House, to see the first black president.  The soldier standing in the room is full of laughter from the reaction of Virginia McLaurin.  This is alright to see; she has lived through the administrations of 18 presidents.

Lady Virginia McLaurin has experienced a lot in her life time as Afro-American; such as   segregation  and  the great depression.  She has attribute her longevity to prayer and her belief in the Lord.  She prays that the Lord will continue to keep her mind functioning good, and so far the Lord has delivered His promise.  Virginia McLaurin does not pray to be rich or to have a beautiful house, but she prays for a healthy life.  She is a contented woman with a gracious heart that continues to trust in the Lord.  She also, has a sister at the age of 108, so those girls are doing something right in their lives.  So, to see President Obama and the First Lady  is the highlight for a righteous living.