Great Things Keep Happening for Virginia McLaurin

ms mclaurenGreat Things Keep Happening for Virginia McLaurin

Since meeting President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, Virginia McLaurin of Washington D.C. met with two of the renowned Harlem Globetrotters; Moose Weekes and Zeus McClurkin.  It was her 107 years’ birthday and they presented her own No. 107 Jersey and gave 107 tickets to the foster students, where she volunteer’s up to 40 hours a week.  Ms. McLaurin shared a word of wisdom to the students by telling them, “Children obey your parents.”  I believe that Ms. McLaurin is on to something because she attributes her longevity to serving the Lord.  For in the word of God, He tells us to Honor our father and mother.  If one obeys then long life will follow according to His word.  Apparently, it is working for Virginia McLaurin, so great things continue to follow her.   I imagine Ms. McLaurin has seen and been through so much that she has a story to tell from segregation to integration.  Her time line is filled with a smorgasbord of interesting topics, and by her 64 million followers the people will listen.  If she got the Obamas, and the Harlem Globetrotters to listen, I believe others will follow.  Great Lady! Great Lady!


Fish used to feed the multitude

Do you ever wonder the kind of fish Jesus used to feed the multitude?


In the bible, it does not say the type of two fish used to feed the multitude, but it does say a command was given telling the people to sit down.   Once the crowd had obeyed, Jesus blessed, and braked and gave the loaves to his disciples.  Then, the disciples gave the loaves to the multitude and they all did

eat and were filled.  In the Sea of Galilee, it is the largest

freshwater lake in Israel.  One day I was in Publix grocery stores shopping in the seafood section, and I wanted some “Tilapia,” and the seafood clerk stated to me; Tilapia is the fish that Jesus used to feed the multitude.  Now, I do not know whether this is true, but it got me to thinking.  Tilapia, is a freshwater fish that inhabits ponds, streams, rivers and lakes, and are less commonly found living in brackish water or salt and fresh water mixed together.  My point is, Jesus used clean fish to provide the multitude with the best; however, it may have been another type of fish.  In conclusion, it is a miracle that occurred with feeding so many people, but it worked.  I found that this is very interesting to know that He did not let the people go home without providing them with His very best.

Lady Virginia McLaurin


Virginia McLaurin who is 106 was overcome with joy when she meant President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House.  Virginia McLaurin was so happy that she began to dance and expressed how much it is an honor to visit the White House, to see the first black president.  The soldier standing in the room is full of laughter from the reaction of Virginia McLaurin.  This is alright to see; she has lived through the administrations of 18 presidents.

Lady Virginia McLaurin has experienced a lot in her life time as Afro-American; such as   segregation  and  the great depression.  She has attribute her longevity to prayer and her belief in the Lord.  She prays that the Lord will continue to keep her mind functioning good, and so far the Lord has delivered His promise.  Virginia McLaurin does not pray to be rich or to have a beautiful house, but she prays for a healthy life.  She is a contented woman with a gracious heart that continues to trust in the Lord.  She also, has a sister at the age of 108, so those girls are doing something right in their lives.  So, to see President Obama and the First Lady  is the highlight for a righteous living.

Educational Technology

The level of my technology integration skills is growing tech 1

Social Media is expanding the voice of youth, teens, and young adults globally. tech 3

Why HBCU ‘S should integrate with Technology

HBCU should integrate because it is the way of the future and today’s world is constantly changing; therefore, progressing with the time is important.





In today’s society, Heroin is a drug that is taking over cities and abroad with it’s addictive craving for teenagers, young and old adults.  United States have tried to combat the drug epidemic, but the war continues to keep growing.  Drugs plague our small rural towns to large metropolitan cities and several towns have organized plans to solve this matter.  However, the temptation of drugs continues to entice the teenage generation and if not controlled then it will progress into adulthood.  From Heroin to prescription drugs; the people are getting hooked because some are beginning to experiment at the schools.  I can recall, a former next door neighbor telling me she started experiencing with drugs at her high school, which is a Presbyterian school.  She also stated that drugs are easy to obtain in the school and many teenagers are users.  I can recall an incident, where I worked as a cashier at a gas station that a guy wanted to use out inside restroom, and he said to me, “It will be quick.”  But, I soon notice that he was taking longer than normal.  So after about forty-five minutes, he came out of the restroom leaving the store.  Then I checked the restroom only to discover that he left his needle in the trash and you could see the blood bubble in the syringe that he used.
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Some symptoms:  paraphernalia, track marks, small pupils, craving, personality changes just to name a few.  There millions that crave this drugs in the professional fields:  Lawyers, Doctors, Bankers, Teachers, Stock Brokers, Athletes, Actors, Actresses, Executives, Professors, Pastors, Entertainers, Musicians, Law Enforcement, Military, Politicians, poor to the rich income drugs will not leave anyone out.  Some cities have started programs that instead of locking the users up in jail, but sign them up in a rehab facility that will administer the drugs to them in a lower dosage weening them away altogether.